Your suggestions are all very understandable and will really help in tying everything together

— Nathan Campbell

I'm really thrilled with your report.  It was full of insightful feedback and good ideas.  Thank you.  What you say about what needs fixing has inspired so many ideas over the last few hours.

— Benedicta Norell

Thanks for the very helpful (and supportive) feedback. I felt you'd really "got" what I was trying to do.

— Geoff Wilson (published)

Dave, thank you so much for that extremely useful diagnostic report.  I told my wife after reading it last night that I felt you verbalized some key issues that I simply struggled identifying myself.  Your encouragement is especially appreciated.

— Eric Corradino

I feel very lucky to be working with a professional who is so articulate, creative and supportive!

— Leanne Deep

Thank you for your timely report and positive assessment.  I am particularly gratified that you got much of what I was trying to convey.

— Andy Cooley

I feel very encouraged — in the elated range — by your comments.

— Carol Wobig

I feel like I did after reading your diagnostic report.  Inspiration, questions and insights are swirling around.

— Benedicta Norell

What can I say? It's magnificent, well thought-out, beautiful. Your work has added so much to “Pundonor”. Many, many thanks. I just love the pages you added. They are perfect.

— Kate Reynolds