Submitting Your Work

Anyone whose writing could be better than it is needs editing. I accept writers at all skill levels, from beginners on their first draft to published writers who need just a little polish to push their newest work into print.

Get Started with a Diagnostic Reading Report

All the editing I do is custom work, tailored to your needs and budget, but the place to begin is always with a diagnostic reading of your manuscript. I need to know your strengths and weaknesses, and you need to know if I'm the right editor for you. So I'll read your manuscript carefully and send you a two or three page report on what works and what needs work. You can take a look at some sample diagnostic reading reports. The cost for a diagnostic reading report is $2 per double-spaced, single-sided page (about 250 words). If your manuscript is less than 150 pages, it will be billed at the $80 rate — e-mail me at with details about your manuscript and I'll give you an estimate.

Tight budget? Learn about my Starving Writer Program.

Individualized Editing

After the diagnostic reading, you may want and need anything from a bit of line-editing to a thorough collaboration or even ghost writing. It depends on you, your book, and, of course, your editing budget. If you want me to, I'll stay with you, not only through the revising process, but through your search for an agent and publisher. My rate for additional work is $80/hr. (I always use a letter of agreement for large projects and will not exceed my estimate without your permission.)

Sending Your Manuscript

If you'd like to submit a manuscript, please mail or ship it to 209 March Rd. (Ashfield), Shelburne Falls, MA, 01370 with a check and a cover letter that tells me when and how you prefer to be contacted. You can also e-mail your manuscript and pay the reading fee through Paypal. I work on projects as I receive them, so my workload determines how soon you will receive your diagnostic reading report. If you're in a hurry, just e-mail me and I'll let you know when I have a free space in my schedule. I'd also appreciate knowing how you heard about Dave King Editorial Services.

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