How do I make a payment?

You can pay by check, money order, or through PAYPAL, where most credit cards are accepted.

Can I submit a manuscript that isn't finished yet?

Yes, but I strongly urge you to finish it first, especially if you're writing fiction. It's impossible to evaluate your plot or character development without knowing where your story is headed. Manuscripts under 150 pages are billed at the $80 per hour rate.

What is the difference between line-editing and copy-editing?

Copy-editing is close to the art of proofreading and largely concerns itself with grammar. Line-editing shapes your work in any and every way needed to polish your characters, voice, plot, and clarity of style. I can recommend copy editors, but I think it's a poor investment. When your book is good enough to sell, your publisher will provide a copy editor.

I'm on a limited budget. How can I afford editing?

I haven't yet found a relationship between income bracket and writing talent. Editing is labor intensive, so it can cost a lot. However, some writers are able to learn enough to rewrite their books from a diagnostic reading report. If you do need line-editing, it's my usual practice to line-edit fifty pages at a time. The first fifty pages may teach you all you need to finish the manuscript on your own. Or you can pace the process to suit your budget. Another possibility is to use your credit card through PAYPAL and pay for your editing over time. If you're really hard up, I also offer the Starving Writer Program.

Can I submit a manuscript electronically?

Yes you can. Just e-mail it to dave@davekingedits.com.

Other Questions?

Please feel free to call or e-mail me at any time.

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